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header text: history with a twist

I’ve always been a history buff, but not that stuffy junk we get taught in the outdated books at school. No, I love history with a twist. Those interesting facts that usually get edited out of the book, the ones that find themselves on the cutting room floor. Those tidbits that no one ever tells you about.

Like the woman who signed the Declaration of Independence. Or the life of Katherine Wright, sister of Orville and Wilbur who some call the other Wright Brother because of her help in developing the first manned airplane. And how about those 1100 American women who flew every piece of aircraft the army threw at them during World War II, only to be denied any acknowledgement by the government until the 1970’s.

So like my header says...history with a twist.

These are the kinds of characters I love to read and write about, people who live extraordinarily with a living, breathing faith in God.

Take a look at the Books page for a list of my published works, or learn a little more about me at About Patty. I also love to hear from those who visit my site, so drop me a line on the Contact page.

God bless!

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