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book cover: hearts in flightHEARTS IN FLIGHT
Love Inspired Historical
Coming July 2011

Top Inspirational fiction pick for the Spring and Summer (Publisher's Weekly, Feb. 28th)

Maggie Daniels knows what it's like to deal with a brood of overprotective males. With all her male cousins serving on the warfront, she's finally free to go after her dream--ferrying bombers for the newly formed Women's Army, Special Pilots. And no one, not even Captain Wesley Hicks can keep her out of the cockpit.
After the loss of his sister over the skies of London, Captain Wesley Hicks has a new battle plan—prepare a band of pilots to deliver the Super Fortress into the Pacific Theatre. He hadn’t planned on being assigned to train Maggie Daniels. But as hostilities are fired at the spirited yet tender woman, he finds himself focused on a new objective--winning Maggie's heart.

book cover: god allows u-turns one woman's journeyGod Allows U-Turns, A Woman's Journey

Patty's story: The Walmart Missionary

Anyone can make a wrong turn in life--and, by God's grace, anyone can make a U-turn. This brand-new collection of stories, the third in the acclaimed God Allows U-Turns series, focuses on stories by, about, and for women. "My heart broke time and again while I read stories of abuse, addiction, shame, guilt, and fear," writes series creator Allison Gappa Bottke in her introduction. "In equal measure I rejoiced with thanksgiving as contributors shared how faith in God brought hope and healing to a hurtin heart and soul." Readers will be encouraged to know that their trials are not unique--and that circumstances can, by God's grace, change for the better.


book cover: god allows u-turns american momentsGod Allows U-Turns, American Moments

Patty's story: The Greatest Soldier of All

September 11...Columbine High School...Vietnam...the Great Depression. There are many terrible moments in American history that horrified us as a nation-but that also turned people's hearts toward God. In this special God Allows U-Turns book, the fourth in Allison Gappa Bottke's acclaimed series, Americans relate how national trials brought them to their knees-first in shock, then in prayer. Dramatic stories relate how even the worst imaginable occurrences can be used by God for His purposes. God Allows U-Turns: American Moments is an important reminder of His sovereignty in world affairs-as well as in the lives of individual people.


book cover: chicken soup nurse's soul second doseChicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, a Second Dose

Patty's story: Nurse, Heal Thyself

Nearly one million people have been touched by the stories in the first edition of Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul. Now this second edition ministers to millions more!

Most people don't become nurses because of the pay, working conditions, or the convenient hours. Men and women become nurses because they want to make a difference in the lives of others through the use of their compassionate skills and hard work. Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, Second Dose, underscores why nurses enter the profession . . . and why they stay.

This collection of true stories encourages, uplifts, and honors nurses; reenergizing them with hope, health, and healing during challenging times. Through laughter and tears, nurses share their memories and tales, inspiring and honoring one another as they continue their journey. You will be moved by the heartwarming revelations of nurses who have just started out in the field, as well as by veteran nurses who share their experiences of making a difference in the lives of their patients.
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